I’m appalled with the recent incident that took place in NorthPark Mall with wide receiver Dez Bryant from the Dallas Cowboys. To briefly explain what happen Dez Bryant and three friends were shopping at the NorthPark Mall in Dallas when an off-duty officer instructed one of Bryant’s friends to pull up his pants. When the friend did not comply the officer proceeded to tell the group to leave.  

Now what has me upset is I’m sure NorthPark is an upscale Mall but who gives you the right to tell someone how to dress in a mall.  Secondly why is Bryant being accused of disorderly conduct if it’s his friend. Guilty by association, yes, but come on I’m sure because he was black he was being bothered. Then their stating the mall is banning Bryant from the mall for 3 months, really though. Do they want the billion owner of the Dallas Cowboys to buy the entire mall out and then shut it down, LOL.

All I’m saying is if his pants were too low ask him polity to pull it up if he did not comply just reason with him. I’m sure the officer was aggressive and speaking to them in a manner in which made them uncomfortable. I mean look at Kayne West during the NBA All-Star game his pants could not be any lower, no one said a thing about that.  I want to see them kick him out that Dallas. Bryant be careful now NorthPark has a new dress code. (I think the dress code may be skin related)


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was ejected from an upscale Dallas shopping mall and given a criminal trespass warning from off-duty police officers Saturday after a dispute over the sagging pants worn by him and some companions. A Tuesday police statement says Bryant and three companions were involved in an incident at NorthPark Center where security asked them to pull their pants up because their underwear was showing. Bryant, however, told his pants were up but some of his friends' pants were down. "It really wasn't me in the wrong," Bryant said Tuesday. "It's not even an issue."The Dallas Police Department said in a statement that Bryant and his friends were not in violation of a law, but that he was issued the warning for not complying with a police request.According to the police report, Bryant used profanity and created a commotion when confronted, prompting the officers to escort the four from the mall. "What the [expletive], you stopped me like I stole something," Bryant was quoted as saying, according to the police report.  Police say Bryant refused to leave, however, until his attorney and representative could arrive and he parked in a fire lane until a friend arrived and persuaded him to leave. No charge was filed. Bryant's agent, Eugene Parker, declined to comment. The Cowboys did not respond to requests for comment. WFAA-TV in Dallas reported Bryant was banned from the mall for three months. Late Tuesday, however, Bryant tweeted: "Headed to North Park tomorrow to get these Lebrons....I am not banned from North park lol." Bryant's adviser, David Wells, said, "That's not true. I was there; it didn't happen." Bryant has a history of problems at the mall, according to the police report, including an incident at a store where police had to intervene after the wide receiver cut in line and a parking citation for parking in the fire lane. Bryant was also involved in a "major disturbance" at one of the mall's restaurants with an unknown woman. Police were called, but both Bryant and the woman were gone before they arrived. "I told the guy I'm not trying to get in trouble," Bryant said. "I'm not trying to destroy my image. The [warning] wasn't toward me. I was trying to figure out what was going on. It was a big misunderstanding. I was the wrong guy."