Mark Sanchez in GQ

Sweater, $185, and pants, $895 (for suit) by Boss Black. Belt, $590 by Tom Ford. Watch, $8,850 by Rolex at Tourneau.

Pants and sneakers by Nike. Hat by Noff. Necklace by Cartier. Watch by Rolex at Tourneau.

Tank top by Dolce & Gabbana. Coat and jeans by Gucci. Sunglasses by Tommy Hilfiger. Necklace by Cartier. Watch by Rolex.

He's the kind of guy, one friend says, who gets invited to a White House state dinner and thinks it's a steak dinner. Then, when the big day rolls around, whereas another guy might bring a starlet as his date, Sanchez brings 310-pound teammate D'Brickashaw Ferguson, because he knows Ferguson likes politics.
He's the kind of guy who agonizes about what to buy his linemen for Christmas and reaches out to older quarterbacks for advice. (One veteran told him what not to do: Don't buy Rolexes for the white guys and Louis Vuitton for the black guys. Wow, the veteran said, it really pisses them off.)
As today's informal practice winds down, Sanchez makes plans to see his teammates later at a racetrack in Jersey City. They're going to eat chicken wings and pizza and then race 45-mph go-karts in a circle. Sanchez says he'll be there, though he doesn't look all that keen on the idea. If it were up to him, they might go into the city. Take in a show. Say, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying....Read More :