Are Chris Paul, Dwight Howard in race to L.A./N.Y.C?

Being the Knick fan that I am and seeing Starks yesterday at the Eddie George Hall of fame induction in Columbus Circle Sumsang store in NYC I can't help but be happy to see Chris paul pursing New York. In my eyes we need more role players eager to play defense in the run and gun Knicks offense.

In a lot of ways, the Hornets and Orlando Magic are in a race to make a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers for Paul and Howard. They’re running so many scenarios across the big boards in their offices, but make no mistake: Los Angeles is the port that can entice Paul and Howard to sign extensions, with the one player – young center Andrew Bynum(notes) – as a centerpiece that can justify the trade.  The Lakers and Hornets talked several days ago, league sources told Yahoo! Sports, but it was one of those circuitous conversations that left the sides unclear what it would take to get a deal done, and the talk ended with no formal offers. The Lakers and Hornets expect to speak again this week, sources said. The prospect of Pau Gasol(notes) as the primary player going to the Hornets won’t be acceptable, sources said. The Lakers will ultimately be willing to let New Orleans pick its player in the deal – Bynum or Gasol – but New Orleans is determined to get quality, and quantity, in a deal. Bynum has privately been heard to say this offseason that he wants his own team, and the chances of him getting that – in New Orleans or Orlando – have never been higher. Years ago, Kobe Bryant(notes) wanted Bynum moved for Jason Kidd(notes), but Bryant’s been insistent all summer that he still believes in this core, isn’t interested in wholesale change. Bryant isn’t anti-Dwight Howard, but he could see like everyone else: The Lakers need speed, athleticism and younger legs on the perimeter. Los Angeles could do little to stop Paul in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, and that’ll only became a deeper issue this season and beyond. Nevertheless, through trades they’ve made and not made, through the hiring of their new coach, the Lakers have made it clear they don’t go to Bryant for his blessing.

Via: Yahoo Sports