FASHION BREAKDOWN: Rick Ross "Dope Bitch Skit" x Mastermind Album

On March 4th Rick Ross dropped another album called "Mastermind". On his album there is a very comical and very fashion heavy skit called "Dope Bitch". In that skit a sexy female voice describes what clothing it would take to make her happy. According to the skit if you want a dope bitch it will cost you $115,000 just for one outfit.

"I love a Daytona rose gold Rolex, the black face, a good Fendi fur, some Tom Ford thigh high's and a crocodile Birkin. I'm set. I'm not basic right here / Not basic?" Rick Ross "Dope Bitch Skit"

Here is the breakdown:

Fendi Fur ($18,000)

Daytona Rose Gold Rolex ($30,000)

Crocodile Birkin ($55,000)
Tom Ford Thigh Highs ($10,000)