Elegant And Luxurious Penthouse in Berlin By Ando Studio X World Cup Champion New Home

This extraordinary visualization was created by a company called Ando Studio, and it depicts a luxurious and beautifully decorated apartment that is set to become a reality in Berlin, Germany. The abode appears spacious and outfitted with high-end amenities such as fireplaces, large sofas, hardwood floors and high quality lighting arrangements.

The master bedroom features a dividing wall that separates it from the master bathroom. This wall boasts a fireplace that can be observed from both sides thus giving off a sense of coziness.
The color palette is based on white and tones of brown – a combination that ensures an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Outside, we find an L-shaped sofa, a coffee table and a Jacuzzi that promises endless moments of relaxation under the stars. The outdoor terrace also features a plethora of natural plants that provide a much-needed natural touch given the urban environment in which the apartment is located.


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