High-End PC-24 Aircraft By Pilatus X Who's jet is this?

Being rich and traveling in style go hand-in-hand since as long as we can remember, but even though old kings and queens relied on lavishly decorated carriages and purebred horses to get around, the rich of our days have much more convenient and fast means of transportation at their disposal.
Naturally, the most luxurious way to travel around the world is in a private jet that guarantees a smooth, quick and quiet traveling experience. Pilatus is a Swiss company that managed to make a name for itself by building high quality turboprops, but when its customers started to ask for an alternative to their turboprop PC-12 model, the company’s experts decided to work on a luxurious and reliable airplane – the PC-24 twin-engine jet.

The aircraft was unveiled officially during Geneva’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, where it received a very warm welcome. Those who witnessed the unveiling of the aircraft were so impressed that Pilatus managed to sell out no less than 84 units in about 48 hours, which is quite impressive considering that a single PC-24 costs no less than $8.9 million.
The future owners of this amazing airplane will receive their orders no sooner than 2017. The PC-24 received so much attention because it is rumored to flaunt great versatility and reliability, especially if it can operate on short unmade runways. Factor in enough seating for 10 passengers as well as ample cargo space and this particular aircraft starts to shape up as a pretty good deal for $8.9 million. The PC-24 aircraft by Pilatus features a pair of 3,400-lbst Williams FJ44-4A engines that ensure a cruising speed of 489 mph as well as a range of 2,245 miles.


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