Beyoncé to Launch Streetwear Line with Topshop

We’re all aware of Beyoncé‘s powers at dominating the music industry, as explored in our last Op-Ed, Have Artists Like Radiohead & Beyoncé Changed Music Marketing?. Now she’s taking on the fashion industry with plans to launch an athletic streetwear company.
Teaming up with Topshop, Queen Bey is embarking on a 50-50 joint venture with retail giant Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd., which is scheduled to drop Fall 2015. The collection is set to include clothing, footwear and accessories across dance, fitness and sports and the name shares the title of Beyoncé’s powershouse production company Parkwood Entertainment. It’s a savvy business move for the singer, as she expands her growing empire, but perhaps it’s a shame that the opportunity hasn’t been given to another brand who could use the exposure to create a more creative and less generic collection.