Plastc Wants to Replace Your Wallet with a Single Card

Dedicated to replacing your wallet with a single card, Plastc brings all your credit and debit cards as well as your gift and loyalty cards (up to 20) into one sophisticated device.
With a magnetic stripe and barcode display, Plastc Card’s e-ink touchscreen gives you easy access to all your cards and works practically anywhere your current cards are accepted. In regards to fraudulent activity, the card’s magnetic stripe and NFC chip are disabled until you select your payment method. PIN entry acts as the first line of security; the card requires you to enter your PIN via the card’s e-ink touchscreen before selecting which form of payment you want to use. If you happen to leave your card somewhere proximity alerts will notify you that you left it behind, and if you accidentally lose it you can even remotely wipe all your data from the card via your phone. The card is wirelessly rechargeable (charge lasts 30 days) and software-upgradable, which means you won’t be left with an out-of-date piece of hardware anytime soon. Check out the video above for more information.
Plastc Card is now available to pre-order for $155 USD, orders start shipping Summer 2015.