How much would you pay for a piece from the late Brooklyn-born artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat?
A leather jacket tagged by the late artist and other personalities of New York City’s 1980s underground scene is going up for auction. The size 42 coat has a pre-sale estimate at $7,000 to $10,00 at Swann Auction Galleries’ contemporary art sale on Wednesday.

The white leather jacket is being sold by the original owner, Rico Espinet, the stage manager and lighting director of the legendary after-hours nightclub Danceteria, and now owns an art and design store in Brooklyn, the auction house stated. Espinet asked one of the elevator operators to use the jacket as a blank canvas for celebrity guests to sign.
Basquiat’s contribution includes schematic drawings and the words “breast” and “corset.” Fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse inscribed “Serenity Prayer” in mirror image along the collar. Street artists Jep 2, Stash and Energy also left tags, all done in permanent black marker. Some of the tag writers are unknown.
Rapper Jay Z who recently dress as Basquiat for Halloween, previously purchased an original Basquiat paint for $4.5 million and often references the artist in his music. Jean-Michel Basquiat died in 1988 of a drug overdose at age 27.