Dewar’s Inspiring “Live True” Campaign

Staying true to oneself is often a challenge. Even if you make it a point to live your life completely authentically and in tune with your all your beliefs. That’s why a little inspiration from people who actually do so can really make a difference. And that’s why we love Dewar’s “Live True” campaign, which brings together influential people of the community and reveals how each of them embodies this spirit of authenticity.

Dewar’s Inspiring “Live True” CampaignTake for instance the beautiful story of Mark Bustos, a passionate hairstylist in NY who takes one day every week and dedicates it to giving. Every Sunday he goes out and finds homeless people who would enjoy a free professional haircut, establishing human connections and spreading positivity. That’s the kind of true living that we like. Nothing too flashy, no unnecessary frills, just simple and effective initiatives that actually have an impact.