BMW Introduces Remote Valet Parking via Smartwatch

Announced at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, BMW has officially introduced their fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant with a little help from a BMW i3 research vehicle which combines information from the vehicle’s four laser scanners with the digital site plan of a building, for example a multi-storey car park.
If the driver uses the smartwatch to activate the fully-automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant, the system will steer the vehicle independently through the levels, while the driver has already got out of the car. The Remote Valet Parking Assistant recognizes the structural features of the car park and equally reliably steers round any obstacles that appear unexpectedly – such as incorrectly parked vehicles.
Once the BMW i3 has arrived at the parking space, the vehicle locks itself and waits to be called by smartwatch and voice command. The Remote Valet Parking Assistant then calculates the exact time until the driver arrives at the car park and starts up the BMW i3 so that it arrives at the car park exit at exactly the right time.
Stay tuned for further details regarding the futuristic technology.


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