A Real Man Part 4 (The Preview)

Its been 5 years since I proposed and the wedding was amazing. We will get to that part later. I'm currently rushing through the door because I'm late to my own surprise romantic dinner for two. We are eating at our favorite thai food spot & we are schduled for 8:30pm sharp.
As I pull up in my brand new Mercedes Benz the valet guy,Rick, knows me well. "How are you this evening Mr. Stanley?" I'm well I respond. Rick always gives me a quick ESPN breakdown of our fav sports but today I'm late so all I hear as I run to the door is "Kobe being traded is insane & can you believe Lebron scored 54 points,10 rebounds & 12 assist?" As the door opens I rush in and so does the cold brisk air. My wife is very pateint but not today. I can spot her right away,not because she is stunningly beautiful in her Vera Wang dress but becuase she is looking at me with fire in her eyes. The same look I get when I forget to take out the trash,Lol. The resturant is packed. It's Friday night and the enegry is alive. Jennifer the host is laughing at me and shaking her head making eye contact with my wife. The same head shake when two women know whats going on and agree its BS on the man's part. Today its my lateness on the chopping block. The restaurant has a sign out front that reads "CLOSING EARLY TONIGHT AT 10PM" They will be closing at 10:00pm sharp, per my request. As I finally sit she smiles at me and says "Well I pulled out my own chair, bought my own wine at the bar and read all my junk e-mail." Well there you go my independent women. I Respond. She quickly fires back, "Listen Mr. Stanley,Ms. Stanley doesn't wait on no one. Anyway did you text the babysitter the restaurant number?" Yes, I respond. I tell her close her eyes and put out her hands. "It better be diamonds" she says. It's a Cartier love bracelet with diamonds. I don't know what's brighter her smile, the diamonds or her eyes. " ...FULL STORY COMING SOON!


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