Clothsurgeon “Escher” Tape RSMA-1 Bomber Collection

 Refusing to conform to the format of seasonal collections, Clothsurgeon have just dropped an eight-piece bomber jacket collection. It follows on from their ready-to-wear “La Ravolution Sorrealiste” collection, which was initially inspired by the colors, concepts and even shapes used by surrealist artists such as Dali, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau and Jean Schiaparelli.
This exclusive Tape RSMA-1 bomber collection follows in the same vein by taking MC Escher’s relativity artwork and translating it into geometric tape detailing. The bomber jacket is slightly padded throughout, with woven satin ribbon detailing and RiRi hardware. Made in England, they’ve been created in eight different colors, and a range of fabrics which include wool tweed, suede, lambskin leather and woven nylon.