Monday, March 2, 2015

CORPORATE MONDAY: Introducing Iman Dean the creator of "The Events Agency"

This morning I got an e-mail I would describe in two words "Step of Faith". In life you can either prepare a dream, live a dream or grab your dream by the horns and ride out. Well Ladies and Gentleman I would like to introduce a hard working young women who has choose to make your life easier by planning it all out. 


Good Afternoon World-

As many of you may know at the top of the year I left my job of the last seven almost eight years to pursue my own company and as I shape the business I need all of your assistance to build its viewership, ratings and search engine optimization.

With that said, I would like to introduce Birthday Party Booker one of several event planning .coms I purchased (see the others below). Birthday Party Booker and the other .coms will be sub companies for the main event planning company The Events Agency. The EA which is under construction will plan events from the rotter to the tooter and span corporate, personal and social. Unlike my party promotions the events The EA curates is about you and your personal desires.

To get it all going I would greatly appreciate if you could refer BPB and The EA to your friends planning birthdays or other events. Connect me with promoters, and venue owners you know so I might push their location and events, like the social pages and leave aYELP comment.

There are a lot of great things to come and I greatly appreciate everyone who has been a pillar of support from day one! 

Let the planning begin..


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Iman Dean - ID Group 
The Events Agency 

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