While it still remains to be seen who exactly Galpin Auto Sports will aim their new Rocket concept at, we can enjoy the near production-ready vehicle that was just revealed at the Ameilia island Concours d’Elegance. Flowery language aside, the Rocket boasts a supercharged V8 engine that produces 725 horses and an aggressive carbon fiber body to match.
With a hexagonal grille, a carbon fiber front splitter, and a ram air hood, the look isn’t necessarily unique but the combination and arrangement assembled atop a Ford Mustang GT by Galpin is definitely worth noting. The exterior design, which is mostly the same as its 2014 preview, is finished with sculpted fenders and side skirts, a rear diffuser, a trunk spoiler, and 21-inch ADV.1 wheels, which, unlike the other performance stats, are hard for Galpin to hide. No inside shots are available, but there’s plenty to look after the jump if you have a minute.