Why Are So Many Stores Turning Into Magazines?

Seasoned Highsnobiety readers will have no doubt noticed a growing amount of content emerging from online stores in recent years. From in-house editorials and interviews to print publications and mixtapes, many stores are choosing to expand from product curation into dedicated content. It seems just selling product isn’t enough these days – you have to sell a lifestyle, too.

What’s driving this? We spoke to some retailer friends of ours to get the low down.Perhaps the best example of the retail-editorial crossover is menswear online megastore-cum-magazine MR PORTERThe luxury retailer houses everything from avant-garde Parisian labels to meticulously crafted Italian tailoring and premium lifestyle products, alongside a weekly-updated online journal and print mag which brings their goods to life. Content ranges from expert guides to editorials and interviews with the industry’s leading figures. “We wanted an editorial hub which worked with our retail environment and complemented it, ensuring men would feel comfortable to come, enjoy, learn and shop,” U.S. Editor Dan Rookwood told us. “The whole idea is to combine content and commerce – and to do so in a way that each supports the other…we know from our analytics that this works because readers of our content are higher spenders than non-readers.”...(Read Full article)


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