3 Luxury Interests Carmelo Anthony Has Outside Of Basketball

Carmelo Anthony may be known to the world as an eight-time NBA All-Star and Small Forward for the New York Knicks, but while basketball is a huge part of his lifestyle, it isn’t his only personal interest. The six-foot eight-inch professional athlete is equally concerned with building a legacy outside of sports, just as he is on the court.

Since UpscaleHype is known for providing insight into the high-end aspects of celebrity lifestyle, it’s only right that we take a look at Melo’s other attractions – many of which require disposable amounts of income. Here are three obsessions you probably didn’t know Carmelo Anthony has besides basketball.
Collecting Luxury Timepieces
Being billed as the star player for one of the largest markets in the NBA comes with a ton of responsibility, so it pays to know who’s wasting your time. According to luxury watch publication Haute Time, where the baller also serves as a key investor and contributor, Melo’s personal collection of wrist wear includes some of IWC Schaffhausen most outstanding creations, including the Big Pilot Edition Muhammad Ali (a limited release that auctioned for $60K in 2012), the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “50 Years Science for Galapagos” that debuted at SIHH 2014 for over $10K, and a rare Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère Squelette, his first tourbillon, priced at a minimum of $59K.

Venture Capital Investments
At some point, the No. 7 jersey will slip into retirement and those fat checks for $22.88 million a year will come to a screeching halt. When that time comes, Carmelo Anthony will need to find other ways to feed his family and support his expensive lifestyle. So it makes sense that the NBA superstar decided to invest some of his money into Tech Startups to secure his future. In 2014, Forbes.com reported that the Brooklyn-born, Baltimore native partnered with Stuart Goldfarb – a former NBC executive – to form Melo7 Tech Partners. The result spawned a New York-based company with plans to produce children’s books, while growing The Chef Co., a health and wellness application dedicated to promoting nutrition. In addition to those ventures, Carmelo recently became a Puerto Rican soccer team owner.

Sipping Vintage Wines
When he’s not averaging twenty-five points per game, Anthony likes to relax and socialize with a goblet of some the finest adult grape juice known to mankind. The Knickstape frontman was drafted on September 25th, by Wine ‘n Dine app to host an exclusive three-course dinner to celebrate the opening of Chef Michael White’s French restaurant,Vaucluse. At the event, Melo tasted three expressions: a 1988 Krug (valued at $500), 1982 bottle of Chateau Margaux (which retails on average for $1,000) and finally, a 1985 Sassicaia (around $1,500 per bottle). That’s upwards of three grand for drinks, plus each course, totaling $31-50. The entire experience was captured on film, and you can watch it below.
It’s nice to know the former Denver Nugget’s level of intelligence expands far beyond the National Basketball League.


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