This Amazing Supersonic Business Jet Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

A very successful partnership between the Aerion Corporation and Airbus resulted in a luxurious and amazingly fast private jet, which is now available for pre-purchase for those who can afford to spend $120 million on it.
The jet was built using a proprietary laminar-flow technology that significantly reduces aerodynamic drag across the wings by up to 80%. This allows the aircraft to fly faster and for longer periods of time when compared to similar jets.
To be specific, a flight between San Francisco and Singapore can be reduced by as much as 6.5 hours, while a trip from Paris to Washington D.C. can be 3 hours shorter. Dubbed AS2, the jet features three engines as well as a sleek body made out of a carbon fiber and titanium alloy. It includes a 30-foot-long cabin with enough seating for 11 people, and it flaunts a maximum range of about 5,400 miles as well as a top speed of Mach 1.5.