Zaha Hadid Designs The World’s Biggest Airport Terminal

The biggest airport passenger terminal in the world is set to be built in Beijing, and it was sketched out by a design team comprised of members from ADPI and Zaha Hadid Architects.
It’s a well-known fact that Beijing’s Capital Airport is struggling to keep up with the millions of passengers that go through its gates on a yearly basis, but the good news is that this newly designed building will boast a workload greater than 45 million passengers per year, which will help smooth things up quite nicely in China’s capital.

The new airport will flaunt an integrated multi-modal transport centre that will have links to quite a few national and local rail services. This way, visitors will be able travel across China with ease once they set foot on its soil. Apart from its convenience, this airport is also set to become one of the world’s most sustainable.
The design project is complete and the terminal is ready to become a reality. Knowing the Chinese, it won’t be long before the building materializes.


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