Justin Bieber Poses Nude But for Fedora

The 100th issue of Clash Magazine is a big-ass deal because it got Justin Bieber to pose butt-naked on the cover but for a fedora.
The combination of nakedness + fedora + picturesque scene by a body of water speaks to the very clear fact that Bieber is simultaneously shooting a cover for his upcoming pick-up artist manual.
The magazine will certainly satiate the hordes of Beliebers who didn't get enough from the backside picture the pop star posted in the summer. Or his almost-naked Calvin Klein ads and their reappearance in Bieber's video for "I'll Show You."

You can pre-order the 100th issue of Clash, which releases on Friday, here. The magazine promises to have an in-depth interview with the Biebs that gets into "his relationship with God to the difficulty of forming new friendships," according to Clash.


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