Grooming Secrets of the Famously Kept

As we've long suspected, the daily routines of well-groomed gents involve both upmarket products and drugstore staplesFashion is one thing. You wouldn't wear a $1,000 suit with a flimsy pair of lace-ups. Grooming is different. You can pick and choose what you value most. We love Tom Ford Neroli Portofino eau de parfum, for instance.
It's oil-based and lasts a long time. And for $300, it should. We love drugstore deodorant, too. Because it works and it'scheeeeeap. (Go for lightly scented. You don't want Fresh Mountain IceBlast interfering with the Neroli.) Thinking we couldn't be the only ones to employ this approach, we asked a few friends of the family to tell us the grooming products they splurge on and the ones they save on. Even we learned a few things. (See Full Article on: GQ)