11 New Ways to Escape to Mexico

No country in the world (not even Kazakhstan) is more misunderstood than the land across the Rio Grande. (We don't even blame Trump.) For whatever reason, gringos always seem to visit only the absolute worst places: all-inclusive tourist hellscapes where you need a wristband to order a watery margarita and the quesadillas come with a side of ketchup. But Mexico has quietly become a world-class travel destination, without sacrificing its character and history—its soul. Why should we fly across an ocean when, right across our border, cities are booming with Europe-level restaurants and parks are packed with Australia-level adventure? It's insane to think that while we've been backpacking through Thailand and foodie-pilgrimaging to Copenhagen, Mexico has been right there all along, getting better (more stable, more progressive, more sophisticated) all the time.
In the past few years, the country's interior has become as compelling as its shoreline. The art scene now rivals anything in the hemisphere. Even though it's close enough for a quick getaway and familiar enough to require zero acclimation, parts of its landscape feel like a different planet. Extravagance abounds if that's your thing, but the country's cheap thrills (e.g., carnitas) offer at least as much primal pleasure. This is, after all, the culture that gave the world chocolate, guacamole, mezcal, and Salma Hayek. It knows how to have a good time.
In these pages, you'll find dozens of other reasons to go right now. So join us as we get re-acquainted with our southern neighbor. Because with every passing day in America, Mexico seems less like the cause of all our problems and more like the solution. (See Full Article Here: GQ MAG)


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