We Celebrated With CÎROC At Their Exclusive Pre-Ski Party in the Alps & Here’s What Went Down

Some of the world’s most visually stunning and luxurious ski resorts are located in the heart of Europe, thousands of meters above sea level, deep within the Alps. To see what life is like up there, we packed our camera and set off with CÎROC to sample some of these incredible places for CÎROC’s Guide to the Alps. Here’s what happened when we got into CÎROC’s elite fashion party in Kitzbuehel, Austria.

The Hahnenkamm is the world’s fastest, the most dangerous, and the scariest ski race course in the world. At the start of every year, professional athletes and amateur skiers mad enough to do it career down mountain sides with declines of up to 85 percent, drop down jumps reaching 80 meters or more, and hit speeds of up to 80mph (130kmh). As you near the race’s end in the medieval Austrian alpine town of Kitzbuehel, and if you haven’t mortally injured yourself by that point, you’ll fly past a small chalet clinging to the mountainside.
Known as the Ganslern Alm, this newly opened bar and restaurant was transformed by CÎROC into the ultimate party hot spot of the weekend. Only accessible by 4×4, super luxe Range Rover Evoques brought people up and down the mountain through the single-lane track that wound through the pine trees. Barely open for more than a year, the fresh new space and unique location that the Ganslern Alm offered attracted some pretty high-profile and fresh-faced attendees. Models Shermine Shahrivar and Lars Burmeister joined fashion bloggers Leonie Hanne and Farina Opoku in celebrating the special weekend.


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