You’ll Be Seeing This Dior Homme “Mosh Pit” Print a Lot Next Season, Here’s Why

Hip-hop, streetwear, high fashion. All of these things now are one in the same – a notion that was pretty much made official via Louis Vuitton’s (not so surprising) collaboration with Supreme at Paris Fashion Week.

No, this isn’t anything new; rappers have been style tastemakers for decades and street-influenced fashion has been spotted on the runway for a while now. But somehow, the recent merger between two of the biggest players in their respective fields, luxury and streetwear in this case, provides closure to a long-debated topic.
That being said, rap music’s love affair with fashion (and vice versa) continues to hold paramount influence over today’s trend climate. All it takes is one “It” rapper to be seen wearing some statement piece until it’s ultimately splashed across every street style recap or Insta-famous model’s feed.