Johannes Kepler Is Honored By Montblanc With Luxe Pens

The Johannes Kepler High Pede Serpentari Limited Edition 39 is indeed limited to just 39 pieces, and it was inspired by a Kepler book named De Stella Nova in Pede Serpentarii. Created using white gold, the pen boasts a lacquered cap in rich blue, and it is adorned with a ring of diamonds. As for the barrel, it flaunts 3D engravings of the Ophiuchus and Sagittarius constellations, which are also featured in the book. The pen has a design similar to a telescope, as it flaunts three rings on its cap as a reference to the three laws of planetary motion. This model costs $48,130.

German astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler is renowned for creating the laws of planetary motion, and in order to honor his great accomplishments, writing instrument maker Montblanc has decided to release a special collection. Dubbed Homage to Johannes Kepler High Artistry Limited Edition, the collection includes four luxurious items, each inspired in its design by the stars and planets that fascinated Kepler so much.


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